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What is (pronounced as "link dot VN") is a utility that allows users to shorten a long URL and share it. For example, you can turn this link:,+New+York,+NY&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&dirflg=r&date=11%2F12%2F08&time=4:13pm&ttype=dep&noexp=0&noal=0&sort=&sll=40.746175,-73.998395&sspn=0.014468,0.036392&ie=UTF8&z=14

Into this link:

This makes it easier to include the link in a Me, email or Twitter post without it breaking or taking up too much space.

If someone else shortens the same URL as me, do we both see the same number of clicks? tracks the total number of clicks pointing to a single short link and all users share the same LNK link.
Does ever re-use links?
No. Each link LNK issues is unique and will not be re-used, so you can be confident users will arrive at the correct site. Some URL shorteners issue links a character shorter than, but have to re-use them because there is an upper limit to the number of character combinations.
301 Redirects
A "redirect" is a technique for making a web page available under many URLs. When you shorten a link with, you are redirecting a click from to the destination URL. A 301 redirect is the most efficient and search engine friendly method for webpage redirection, and is what uses. Because doesn’t re-use our links, we consider our redirects to be permanent.
What about "link rot" - what happens to my links if goes down or goes away? maintains a highly reliable and redundant system with the goal of making our service - especially existing links - available at all times. We are also in the process of developing an archive system to make sure that links are available beyond our systems.
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